Go on adventures as if you were actually there. 

Step behind the wheel of a race car, go paragliding and experience the thrills of extreme sports!


What’s Virtual Reality?

Let us explain. Virtual Reality is a three-dimensional realistic simulation of an environment creating a truly immersive experience. It places users in a completely different world, whether animated or photorealistic. In other words: you can go somewhere else or be someone else just by using a VR headset like the VizR. Freaking awesome!

What’s the VizR?

The VizR is a virtual reality headset accessible to anyone with a smartphone! Just download our app and insert your smartphone into the VizR. We’ve spent months behind the drawing board to produce the ultimate immersive experience with no light leaks and a comfortable fit, even if you’re wearing glasses. Plus it just looks so cool!

The VizR is affordable, easy to use, a great experience and again really cool. Like dog on a jet ski cool. That’s what we call making Virtual Reality, reality.

Start exploring

Go on adventures, enjoy rollercoaster rides, visit concerts and play games as if you were actually there. The possibilities are endless! And once you’ve explored your favourite virtual worlds with the VizR, you won’t ever want to leave.